Dividing walls for offices, bars, coffee tables, exhibition stands..... for children a wooden robot, aircraft or giraffe. You create everything from a BrickModule. BrickModule furniture is growing and changing the way you want. "Do you move into bigger? You don't have to buy a bigger coffee table ... just add a few bricks and that's it." We want the customer to look at BrickModule as an investment. The longer client use the BrickModule solution the more is returned because of the modularity and the possibility of rebuilding the already unneeded furniture to the new.

What is the BrickModule?

BrickModule is modular system composed of wooden bricks. BrickModule is system for the creation of real furniture and other wooden constructions.



Why is the BrickModule so different?

BrickModule is the only system in the market where you "re-build" one furniture to another, repeatedly and without damaging the components. In such a way you can achieve considerable savings



To whom the BrickModule is targeted?

It is for ordinary people, adults and kids. For people who do not have to be skilled craftsmen. It can be a solution for designers, residential architects and for those who want to make their own projects.


How to?


Work with a BrickModule is divided into 3 phases. First, a wooden structure is built. This is then reinforced by connecting rods and eventually covered with wooden lids.