How to

Work with a BrickModule is divided into 3 phases. First, a wooden structure is built. This is then reinforced by connecting rods and eventually covered with wooden lids.

Put bricks together


Make your constructions of wooden bricks like a bricklayer builds a wall of real bricks. Lay the first row of wooden bricks nicely next to each other on a straight floor, insert the connecting pins into the holes, then put on another row of bricks so that the joints of adjacent bricks of the lower and upper rows are not above. The resulting structure is held together by pin connection and gravity. In case you want to carry the construction from wooden bricks, move or flip then the link rod will come to the word. The rod will strengthen the whole building.

Strengthen it


Push the connecting rod through the holes across the structure and screw the bolts at both ends of the rod and that is it. The connecting rods are usually located at the corners of the structure. You do not have to use all holes in wooden bricks. This applies to both the pins and the connecting rods. Everything depends on the need of the strength of the whole structure. Where are pin holes and where are holes for the connecting rod? The holes closest to the edge of the brick are for the pins, then follows the hole for the metal rod, then the pin, the rod, the pin, the rod ... .. and again and again.... around the edge of the wooden brick.

Cover it

If your work is done and you do not want to see holes for the pins on the upper bricks, you can use one-side-drilled bricks. If you want to cover the construction, so as not to see that the bricks are hollow, use the wooden tops to cover your construction.