What is BrickModule?

BrickModule is modular system composed of wooden bricks. BrickModule is system for the creation of real furniture and other wooden constructions. Wooden brick is made of a massive wood of 12 mm thickness. The wood fibers are oriented longitudinally on all four sides of the brick. The cohesion of the bricks in the wooden construction is achieved by a detachable pin connection, and therefore constructions of different shapes and sizes can be built without the use of tools. Pins are inserted into the holes manually. If necessary, the pin holes are drilled one-sided or double-sided. To cover the created construction, we provide tops of 20 mm thickness, which are also fastened by a pin joint. Wooden bricks are available in lengths of 128, 256, 384, 512, 640 and 768 mm. Depth and height do not change and is 128 mm. The paint is realized with colorless lacquer. Wooden bricks are also available in natural lacquer-less version . The resulting construction can be fastened by metal connecting rods, which firmly hold all layers of the wooden structure together.

Section 1

Why is BrickModule so different?

  • BrickModule is the only system in the market where you "re-build" one furniture to another, repeatedly and without damaging the components. In such a way you can achieve considerable savings, especially if you only need some furniture for a few months or years. For example young couple decided to invest into children's castle kit, made from Brickmodule. The castle is then rebuilt into table and seating cubes, without any further investment. Then it will be necessary to put together a wooden wall, which will divide the room and give our children privacy. When the children move to their own, a BrickModule will be used for a big coffee table. ....No more investment, no unnecessary furniture on the ground.
  • The furniture looks robust, but compared to classical solid furniture, it's significantly lighter.
  • The furniture from BrickModule is unique.
  • Damaged parts can be easily fixed or replaced.
  • You design and build the furniture yourself. Clean work ... no dust, no tools, no blueprints.

Section 2

What is target group for BrickModule?

It is for ordinary people, adults and kids. For people who do not have to be skilled craftsmen. It can be a solution for designers, residential architects and for those who want to make their own projects. Wooden brick is primarily designed for furniture, so that it is view-able from all four sides , which is more expensive to produce, but the resulting design of the structure is then worthwhile. This, however, does not exclude the realization of projects of the smallest, where the child develops creativity, logical thinking and spatial imagination.